Baby Face Beauty

Baby Face Beauty

Every person wants to have a lively, dynamic and bright face. Although there are many different treatment methods on this subject, none of them can provide this effect quickly and easily. Baby Face Beauty device, produced by Lutronic company for these purposes, is a laser-assisted skin care, skin rejuvenation and spot treatment application with Thulium laser system using 1927nm wavelength.

Classical skin care applied today has started to be both time-consuming and inefficient applications. Now, with the Baby Face Beauty application, classical skin care can be shelved, and a laser-assisted application with positive results is put into practice instead.

With the Baby Face Beauty Thulium laser, many microchannels are opened on the skin and LaseMD ampoules containing tranexamicaside, resveratrol, vitamin A, vitamin C, nanoparticles, which are preferred according to the patient's condition and needs, are fed into the skin. These LaseMD ampoules, which will never be able to pass over the skin to the lower layers under normal conditions, can go down to the deepest area thanks to the Thulim laser. In this way, both the laser will be effective and the antioxidant, antiaging and spot lighteners used will have a glowing effect on the skin. This is called CDS (Cosmeceutical Release System).

CDS (Cosmeceutical Release System) is the name given to the method of obtaining a positive aesthetic result on the skin by applying it to the lower part of the skin thanks to the micro holes opened by the thulium laser. Normal cosmeceuticals cannot go deep because they have difficulty in passing the layers of the skin, and in the application with babyface beauty, they will be able to go down to the deepest layer.

The thulium laser, which can also be used in spot treatment, has a significant difference from other lasers. While other laser systems aim to blast pigment cells called melanin that cause spots, the thulium laser targets the mother cell called melanocytes and macrophages. Thus, the results of stain treatment are both much more effective and more permanent.

Baby Face application is a very fast and short application. The duration of the treatment varies between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the procedure to be performed. No pain or ache is felt during the application. Local anesthesia is generally not needed, only in some deep applications, local anesthetic creams can be used. After the application, redness does not occur or a slight redness may occur for a very short time. In this way, patients will be able to continue their daily social lives without any problems. Another of the biggest features is that the pharmaceuticals used through the opened microchannels are delivered to the inner layers, thus providing an improvement in both the inner and outer layers.

Baby Face application has two stages. First, microchannels are opened with a thulium laser system, 6000 pieces per minute. LaseMD ampoules, which are preferred according to the problem in the patient's skin, are fed into the skin through these opened channels. This process takes only 5-6 minutes. In the second stage, a special mask is applied for 10 minutes and relaxation is provided.

Baby Face application is applied to patients for the purposes of lightening the skin color, correcting pores and black spots, minimizing wrinkles, treating spots, treating bruises under the eyes, and treating dark spots in the armpits and genitals.

The session fees and the number of sessions of the application will vary in direct proportion to the purpose of the patient. For example, if it is done for skin care, results can be observed even in a single session. If skin rejuvenation is performed for the purpose of brightening, an average of 3 sessions are performed. In the treatment of spots, the thulium laser is applied between 3 and 5 sessions on average.

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