Peeling Laser

What is superficial peeling?

It is the application of some solutions to the skin that causes controlled and superficial peeling of the superficial layers of the skin. The acid concentration of the material used in superficial peeling is low. With this peeling method, the top layer of the skin is removed.

How does superficial peeling work?

In superficial peeling, a mixture of fruit acids such as resorcinol, glycolic acid, pyruvic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid is applied to the skin surface. In this way, the dead cells that give the skin a dull appearance are removed, and the development of healthy cells and the revival of the face are ensured. In addition, by tightening the skin, superficial lines and wrinkles are also reduced.

For what purposes is superficial peeling used?

♦ Regeneration of dull and lifeless looking skin

♦ Treatment of dark spots on the skin

♦ Treatment of acne and scars

♦ Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

How is the application made?

Peeling is an extremely short process. After the skin is cleansed of oils, the solution that is left on the face for a few minutes is neutralized, depending on the selected peeling solution and the depth of the application. After the procedure, a healing, soothing cream and sunscreen are applied and the procedure is terminated.

How many seance should be done?

Although it varies according to the skin type and the type of skin problems, 6-8 seance are recommended every 1-2 weeks on average. The dosage of the chemical peeling used here and the effectiveness of its content are also important. In each session, the number of sessions, concentration and duration of peeling on the skin are increased according to the reaction of the skin.

What should be considered after the application?

After the procedure, it is possible to return to normal daily life immediately. Since the fresh skin that emerges after the top layer of the skin is peeled off is very sensitive to the sun, SPF 15 and above should be refreshed every 2 hours.

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