BTL Exilis Elite

Regional Thinning

BTL Exilis Elite is an FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approved system for satin body lift and skin tightening. While providing regional thinning, it also provides a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Ultrasound and radiofrequency waves trigger collagen production, restore the lost elasticity to the skin, accelerate fat metabolism. It is a non-invasive method. It is very effective in skin tightening and recovery in the face and décolleté area as well as in regional thinning. It provides very fast and positive results, especially in areas such as the waist side areas and above the knees.

Scope of application

♦ Abdomen and waist area

♦ Legs

♦ Hip and hip area

♦ Arms

♦ Back

What is the Working Logic?

Ultrasound and radiofrequency energies are sent under the skin at the same time. Connective tissue warms up and collagen production is triggered, elastin fibers tighten. In the Exilis Elite satin body lift application, the treatment is provided by sending energy only to the targeted dermis, that is, the subcutaneous layer, without damaging the epidermis (upper skin layer). The thermometer on the head measures to keep the temperature constant during the application. The cooler in the same head also provides cooling of the skin surface. Since the cooling values are adjustable, it allows you to have a safe application. The temperature that occurs during the application does not disturb you thanks to the heat control system and cooling feature. It is a painless and painless application.

Who is an Eligible Candidate?

Anyone who has skin tightening, recovery, regional thinning and cellulite problems and who does not have any obstacle to the application can benefit from this application. To whom the application can be applied is determined precisely after the doctor's examination.

What are the Session Duration and Number?

The duration of the session may vary depending on the area to be treated. However, we can say that it takes 45-60 minutes on average. 4-6 sessions of application will be sufficient. Session intervals are 7-14 days. After the application, the person can return to his social life immediately.

Exilis Elite in Cellulite Treatment

It is a very effective and safe application in the treatment of cellulite as well as in regional thinning. It reduces the volume of fat cells. It significantly removes cellulite with the recovery and tightening effect it provides on the skin. Its success in cellulite treatment has been proven by clinical studies.

Is Satin Body Lift Application Safe?

Yes. It is an extremely safe application. It has FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approval. FDA approvals; Wrinkle Reduction (wrinkle removal for the whole body), Periorbital Wrinkle Reduction (wrinkle removal for the eye area), Local Fat Reduction (regional fat reduction), Cellulite Reduction (cellulite removal). It offers a safe and comfortable application with its heat control and cooling systems on its head. He was the winner of the Best Body Shaping award in the My Face & My Body Awards in Europe in 2014 - 2015, and the Best Skin Tightening award in the Americas.

To whom should the application not be made?

It is inconvenient to apply to pregnant and lactating patients, cancer patients, people with pacemakers, people with metal plates in the application area and in case of acute infection.

Are There Any Side Effects?

BTL Exilis Elite satin body embroidering application does not have any side effects.

What is the Difference from Other Regional Transactions?

Exilis Elite sends both radiofrequency and ultrasound waves under the skin simultaneously and is the only system that does this. Ultrasound waves provide thinning and radiofrequency waves provide tightening. Exilis Elite tightens while slimming thanks to these waves it sends at the same time.

What are Satin Body Lift Prices?

In the satin body stretching application, the applied area and the number of sessions determine the price. Therefore, prices may vary depending on the type and degree of your problem. For detailed information and prices about BTL Exilis Elite satin body lift, you can visit our clinic or contact us by phone.

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