Laser Carbon Peeling

Laser Carbon Peeling

Laser carbon peeling application offers a versatile treatment opportunity. After the carbon solution is applied to the skin, it is allowed to dry for a while and then the laser scanning process is started. The skin is scanned twice. When the skin is scanned for the second time, the carbon goes under the skin with laser beams and starts the treatment. It gives the skin a healthier, brighter and more vibrant appearance. 4-5 sessions at intervals of 1-3 weeks may be sufficient.

How Long Does Laser Carbon Peeling Take?

The carbon applied before the laser process has a waiting time of 15 to 20 minutes. It can take 25 to 35 minutes in total with laser shots.

Is pain felt during the application?

There is no pain or feeling of pain during the application. Only a slight stinging or tingling may be felt. However, it is not unbearable.

When Are the Results of Laser Carbon Peeling Treatment Seen?

The glow on the skin can be observed immediately after the application. However, it may take 3-6 months to observe the full effect.

To Whom Can Carbon Peeling Be Applied?

It can be applied to anyone, male or female, who does not have a condition that prevents the laser and has skin problems.

What are the Side Effects of the Application?

There are no side effects of laser carbon peeling application. Edema can be observed immediately after the procedure. However, this situation returns to normal during the day.

What Should Be Considered After the Application?

After the application, the skin should be protected with high-protection sunscreens and hot showers should not be taken on the same day.

What are Laser Carbon Peeling Prices?

There are many factors that affect the prices of laser carbon peeling. When the number of sessions to be applied will change according to the type of skin problem and the degree of the problem, there may be differences in pricing from person to person. Therefore, the healthiest thing to do is to be examined first. You can contact us for detailed information about laser carbon peeling prices and to make an appointment.

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