Plexr Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics

Plexr Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics

In the application of non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, the discomfort called eyelid drooping or drooping can be effectively treated by using the plexr device. The basic working principle of the Plexr device ionizes the gaseous nitrogen molecule in the air and creates plasma energy in the target area. The treatment is provided by vaporizing the cells on the uppermost skin surface in the target area. While tissue regeneration is provided with Plexr, it is absolutely out of question to damage the areas outside the target area and under the skin. The reason for this is that the application area of the plexr device reaches nanometric depth and its width is at the millimetric level.

Is Plexr Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics a Painful Procedure?

Before applying Plexr, the skin surface is made hygienic. After that, the application is completely painless and numb with pain relief creams applied to the target area.

What are the Side Effects of Plexr Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics?

There is no mention of a permanent side effect of the Plexr application. However, it is quite natural for an edema to occur in the applied area for 2-3 days after the procedure. Crustings that may occur around the eyelid are shed within a period of 10 days at the latest and the positive results of the application begin to become visible.

What are the Advantages of Plexr Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics?

The main advantage of the Plexr application is that there is no scarring as no incision is made. In addition, the process is relatively faster and more practical than other types of operations. The treatment is very comfortable for both the patient and the doctor performing the procedure.

Post Plexr Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics Process

It should be mentioned at the beginning that the effects of the application vary from person to person, but vary between 2 years and 3 years. It is possible that the positive effects begin to be observed immediately after the application. The treated area should be protected as much as possible during the healing process. In this process, you should use the care products recommended by the doctor and follow his recommendations.

How Many Sessions of Plexr Treatment Is Applied?

This issue varies depending on the age of the person and the level of deformation and wear in the target area of the patient to be treated.

What are the Application Areas of Plexr Therapy?

The most requested and applied type of Plexr application is eyelid drooping, drooping and wrinkle applications around the eyes. In addition to these, it can be applied in many treatments and ailments.

Reduction of wrinkles in the face area,

In the elimination and obscurity of the traces on the body,

In the treatment of acne and acne scars,

It can also be applied to skin cracks.

Plexr Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics Prices

There is no fixed figure for the prices of Plexr non-surgical eyelid aesthetic application. The depth and density of wrinkles, the width of the application surface primarily affect the price factor. The purpose of the application and the number of sessions applied are also factors that determine the price.

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