BBL Laser

BBL Laser

BBL laser provides a strong antiaging effect by starting the skin's self-renewal process and provides the opportunity to use this effect not only on our face but also in all parts of our body, resulting in a short time.

BBL, that is Broad Band Light (broadband light) works by sending heat to the skin with a high-intensity light frequency. It is a technology that has long been studied for its ability to improve skin appearance and increase new cell formation. BBL is an FDA-approved light source for skin rejuvenation and genetic regeneration. Lighting between 420 – 1400 nm, BBL aims to destroy brown spots on the skin, using the wavelength that is effective in the treatment of capillary damage and rosacea, a skin problem.

With BBL laser together, Forever young (planned treatment for face, neck and décolleté), Forever body (program for the rest of the body), Cristal clear (treatment of acne and controlling oily skin), Bare BBL hero (BBL hair removal technique.) treatments are applied.

The number of applications of the BBL laser varies according to the needs of your skin and the necessity of the treatment by the physician. The number of initial sessions is recommended as 1-3, and a 3-4 week interval between sessions is recommended. Protective treatment is recommended at least 3 to 6 months apart.

BBL is one of the best treatment options that will help reduce acne scars, scars, aging and sun damage. This non-surgical and FDA-approved dermatological treatment increases your skin's collagen and elastin production, delays your skin's aging and can help you gain self-confidence. In addition, BBL reduces fine lines on the skin, tightens the skin and narrows the pores. It helps with laser treatments and other treatments. It can be used in conjunction with fractional laser and it does not interact with dermal fillers, botulinum toxin (safe) makes it special.

Our doctor is the most competent person to help you decide whether BBL treatment will be effective for you. Since BBL laser uses a controlled amount of intense light that can damage the skin if not applied correctly, it should always be applied by a trained healthcare professional.

It is an important advantage that the BBL laser procedure does not require any anesthesia, is painless and painless, and can quickly return to the social life of the patient. BBL laser should not be applied to those who enter the solarium, pregnant women, those who use blood thinners, and those with active skin infections and inflammations. After the BBL laser is applied, the sun should be avoided for at least 3 weeks, sunscreen should be used, and contact with water should be avoided on the day of the procedure.

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