Regenera Activa Treatment

What is Regenera Activa Treatment?

Regenera Activa treatment is an effective method in the fight against hair loss, where the cells containing the patient's own hair follicles and other support cells (autologous) are taken, processed and applied to the weakened hair areas. With this autologous cell application, the capillaries in the weak scalp area are renewed and the scalp begins to be fed better. Regenera Activa treatment is used in androgenetic alopecia and other hair loss treatments in men and women. This form of treatment, also called Autologous Micrografting, is very up-to-date and reliable.

How Does Regenera Activa Affect Shedding Hair?

Regenera Activa, which is preferred for regenerating the weakened hair follicle and making it healthier, is a specially produced device that is applied in the clinical environment with the tissues taken from the patient himself. Regenera Activa treatment increases the number of hair follicles in the growth phase (anagen phase) by activating dormant hair follicles. Thus, it supports hair growth and strengthens active hair.

How to Apply Regenera Activa?

Regardless of male or female, hair loss is generally observed in the upper part of the scalp, that is, in the forehead or top regions. But the hair follicles on the nape and behind the ears are almost always genetically coded to stay strong and healthy. With the Regenera Activa system, a special cell suspension is prepared by taking healthy and strong hair follicles in these areas. Then, the suspension prepared for the problem areas in the hair is applied and it is provided to support the lifeless hair follicles there.

30-35 hair follicles are taken from the hair behind the ear by applying local anesthesia. A special cell suspension is created with the Regenera Activa system of the extracted hair follicles. Thus, a special hair loss treatment is prepared entirely from the patient's own tissue. Treatment is usually a single session, but if necessary, a second session can be applied after a few years.

What are the Benefits of Regenera Activa Treatment?

Regenera Activa Treatment is applied to thicken weak and thin hair, to protect and revitalize existing hair, to strengthen it, to activate the inactive hair cells under the skin, to make it rise above the skin, to add volume to the hair and to increase the success of the hair transplant treatment.

Nowadays, almost everyone has hair problems. The main causes of hair loss may be genetic predisposition, environmental factors, drugs used or stress. The Regenera Activa system is a technology that solves most of the hair problems in men and women. With this form of treatment, which is applied even at an early age when hair transplantation is not recommended, hair loss is slowed down and reduced.

Who Is Regenera Activa Procedure Performed?

Regenera Activa can be applied to everyone, whether male or female, who has hair loss problems. The treatment starts to show its effect after the 3rd month and becomes fully evident after about the 6th month.

Are There Any Side Effects of Regenera Activa Treatment?

Regenera Activa is a frequently preferred treatment method to strengthen weakened hair follicles recently. Regenera Activa treatment does not have any side effects. After the application, you can easily return to your daily life within a few hours.

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