Genital Wart Treatment

Genital Wart Treatment

Warts are caused by the HPV virus coming into contact with the skin. Genital warts are called condylomas. It can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, the use of shared objects and toilets. Since it is a contagious virus, you should not waste time for treatment. Some HPV viruses can regress spontaneously or spread in a short time. Acid-containing drugs, creams, electrocauterization, cryotherapy and laser treatment methods can be applied in the treatment of warts in the genital area. Today, laser treatment is mostly preferred. With laser treatment, the wart is burned and destroyed. Which treatment procedure will be applied is determined by the area, number and size of the warts.

In some cases, warts are not visible in a visible area. It may be located inside the vagina or in the anus. At the same time, it can be observed in skin-colored and darker formations in the form of flesh-and-peel lesions. Therefore, personal control and dermatological examination are important. It has been observed that only some viruses in the genital area pass spontaneously. This takes quite a while. So waiting for it to go away on its own can be dangerous.

Some types of HPV virus trigger cervical cancer in women. For this reason, it is useful to have a smear test at regular intervals.

What are the Symptoms of Genital Warts?

Burning, vaginal discharge, itching and bleeding are the main symptoms of genital warts.

Can it recur after treatment?

Yes, warts can be observed again in the genital area after treatment. Therefore, it will be necessary to continue personal control and dermatological examination. For this reason, choosing the center where you will have wart treatment is very important. After a good treatment, it is possible to prevent the contagiousness and spread of the wart.

How to Protect from Condyloma

At this point, the most important issue is genital hygiene. During sexual intercourse, methods of protection can be used. Although the use of condoms provides a high level of protection, we cannot say that it is completely safe.

What are the Genital Wart Treatment Prices?

It is not correct to talk about any price. Prices may vary depending on the treatment to be applied. That's why you need to be examined first. You can call us to get information about prices.

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