Under Eye Light Filling

Under Eye Light Filling

Bruising, swelling or collapses under the eyes can cause aesthetic discomfort in people and disturb people in their daily lives. These discomforts under the eyes can occur as a result of reasons such as insomnia, alcohol, irregular and insufficient sleep. Our eyes can move easily with the fat called the orbital septum around the eyes. With the advancing age, these fat bags are pushed forward and retracted with the thinning of the bone structure. As a result, under-eye bags and depressions may occur. These problems can be solved with under-eye light filling.

Under-Eye Light Fill Content

The content of the under-eye light filler used in the treatment of under-eye problems is the hyaluronic gel currently produced by the body. In addition, the under-eye light filler may contain a multi-vitamin complex. Thanks to its content, it not only provides a good appearance in terms of aesthetics, but also reduces the bruises under the eyes.

Application of Under-Eye Light Filling

During the application of under-eye light filling, it does not cause pain thanks to the anesthetic substance in its content. Under-eye light filler is injected under the skin very slowly. The main reason for this is to ensure that the filling is distributed homogeneously to the targeted area. After the application of under-eye light filling, the person can continue his/her daily life without any problems. In addition, the application can be applied not only on women, but also on all men and women.

How Long Is Under-Eye Light Filling Effective?

Under-eye light filling shows its effect immediately after application. But the best view is taken in the process of 1 to 1.5 weeks. In addition, although the under-eye light filling varies from person to person and the content of the application, it can be permanent between 1 and 1.5 years.

Under Eye Light Filling Prices

It is not very possible to talk about a single price for under-eye light filling prices. In addition, the content of the under-eye light filling, the center where the application is made and the experience of the specialist physician are among the main factors affecting the price. For these reasons, it will be beneficial for you to do your research on the basis of quality, not price.

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