Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy; It is applied in the treatment of non-pathological hair problems such as increasing the quality of the hair, strengthening the hair, preventing hair loss. Vitamins and a cocktail consisting of collagen, elastin, and many active ingredients that increase blood circulation are injected into the problem area to nourish the hair follicles.

Hair mesotherapy can be applied in combination with PRB. Thus, the effectiveness of the treatment can be increased. It can also be applied before or after hair transplantation.

Main Substances Used in Hair Mesotherapy Application

• Pentoxifylline,

• Organic silicon

• Vitamins

• Multivitamins

• Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5)

• Minoxidil

• Minerals

• Procaine

• Buflomedil

• Vasodilators

• Vasodilators

How Many Sessions of Hair Mesotherapy is Applied?

The number of sessions to be applied is determined after the doctor's examination, according to the person's problem and the degree of the problem. While it is done every 1-2 weeks at the beginning of the treatment, the session intervals reach 3-8 weeks in the following periods.

When is the Effect of Hair Mesotherapy Seen?

The effects begin to be observed after 3-4 sessions. Proliferation begins in the frequency of the hair and the hair strands become thicker. Hair looks brighter, lively and strong.

What are the Side Effects After Hair Mesotherapy?

The possibility of side effects after the application is low. However, in the first days of the treatment, headache may occur or an increase in hair loss may be observed, even for a temporary period, but it should be noted that these effects are not seen in everyone and their probability of occurrence is low. They are temporary effects.

What are Hair Mesotherapy Prices?

There are many factors that affect hair mesotherapy prices. The number of sessions, which will vary according to the degree of the hair problem, and supportive additional treatments such as PRB, affect the prices of injected cocktail hair mesotherapy according to the type of hair problem. Therefore, the healthiest thing to do is to be examined first. Afterwards, the appropriate application procedure can be prepared and priced according to your hair problem and its degree. You can contact us for detailed information about hair mesotherapy and for an appointment.

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