Skin Cracks (Striae) Treatment

Skin Cracks (Striae) Treatment

Rapid weight gain and loss, pregnancy, hormonal changes and the sensitive and thin skin cause cracks in the skin. There are many treatments for skin cracks. The treatment procedure and the number of sessions to be applied according to the degree of cracks and the area with crack problem are determined by the doctor.

Treatment of Striae with PRP

PRP is performed by centrifuging the person's own blood, making it rich in platelets and reinjecting it into the person. PRB does not have any side effects. Because the serum injected into the person still contains the person's own blood. PRP, which is an effective method in the treatment of many problems on the skin, is also very effective in eliminating crack treatments. It can be applied to all areas of the body with cracks.

Striae Treatment with Gold Needle Radiofrequency Application

Radiofrequency waves reach the target tissue in a controlled manner without damaging the skin. There are no side effects. The application time is approximately 20-30 minutes. After the procedure, redness may occur on the skin, but these effects are temporary. It disappears within the same day. Therefore, the person can continue his daily life.

How Many Sessions Should Be Applied?

The number of sessions to be applied may vary according to the treatment procedure to be applied and the degree of the problem.

What are Striae Treatment Prices?

First of all, which treatment method will be applied is determined according to the degree of the crack problem on the skin and the application area after the doctor's examination. How many sessions of treatment will be applied may differ from person to person. Therefore, the healthiest thing to do is to be examined first. You can contact us for detailed information about skin cracks and for an appointment.

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