Freckle Treatment with Laser

Freckle Treatment with Laser

Freckles are sharp-edged spots that form on the skin as a result of exposure to sunlight. Freckles are formed as a result of the increase and accumulation of melanin in the cells called melanocytes in the skin cells as a result of the contact of the sun's rays with the skin surface. The main task of melanin cells is to absorb the sun's ultraviolet rays and prevent them from harming people. Unlike other sunspots, freckles fade when the contact of the sun's rays decreases. Freckle formation is mostly seen in people with light skin color. Today, there are many treatment methods for freckle formation. These; peeling applications, creams, upper skin peeling surgery and laser methods. Of course, the most effective solution for freckles is the type of operation laser treatments. Laser treatments are applied either for the complete disappearance of the freckles or to reduce the visibility of the freckles as much as possible. Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser treatment method is used for freckles.

Laser beams heat the pigments darker than the skin color, as a result, formations of different colors are destroyed. Stable tissues are left around the sent points. After this, the skin's self-renewal mechanism comes into play and new tissues rich in collagen are formed. Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser, on the other hand, is a fast and effective method for combating stains. It is a reliable laser method with very high and balanced energy application in short intervals. By providing a constant energy throughout the procedure, it provides the opportunity to safely reach the lower or upper tissue of the skin and apply the procedure.

In addition, during the Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser application, no pain is felt and there is no need for a procedure such as anesthesia. Although crusting and redness may occur on the skin after the application, it should not be forgotten that this is a pass-through condition. In addition, it is necessary to avoid sunlight as much as possible after Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser application. Which laser treatment method should be chosen in the treatment of freckles depends on the reasons such as how long ago the freckles were formed, the spread and density of the freckles. Which laser treatment you should choose is determined after the examination of a specialist physician. At this point, the choice of the physician and the center where the application will be made is of great importance.

The number of sessions of laser application is determined by the specialist physician according to factors such as which type of laser technique is applied first, the freckle density of the patient, the number of freckles and how long the freckles have been present. In people with light skin color, laser freckle treatment can be more effective than people with dark skin color. Finally, in the treatment of freckles, there is generally no harm in applying other supportive treatments besides laser application.

Laser Freckle Treatment Prices

The prices of laser freckle treatment primarily determine which type of laser is applied. In addition, factors such as the center where the application will be performed, the number of sessions to be applied, the skill and experience of the physician who will apply the laser treatment, and the density of the freckles are determined.

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