Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser epilation is a medical procedure using laser systems suitable for the skin type of the person to remove unwanted hair. It must be done in the right hands. Otherwise, undesirable effects may be observed. In laser epilation, laser beams reach each hair root and target the melanin pigment. As the melanin absorbs the laser beam, the hair follicles are destroyed and new hair formation is prevented. During this process, other structures of the skin are not damaged or destroyed. While dark hair roots respond better to treatment, it is not effective on very light hairs such as white or gray. If you continue your laser epilation sessions regularly as recommended by your doctor, the results will be much more successful and effective.

What are the Laser Systems Used in Laser Hair Removal?

Today, Alexandrite, Diode (Diode) and Nd:YAG laser systems are preferred in laser epilation application. Ice Laser systems, which have been popular recently and referred to as ironing laser systems, are not actually a new laser epilation system. It is another type of diode laser system. Ironing is called laser because of the similarity of its application with its large-area head. Alexandrite lasers have a wavelength of 755nm, Nd:YAG lasers have a wavelength of 1064nm, Diode lasers have a wavelength of 810nm. The most important point in laser hair removal is which laser system to use. The laser system to be applied is determined after the doctor's examination according to the hair and skin type of the person, so that any negative situation is not encountered.

Alexandrite Laser; It is easy and fast to use. It is the most preferred laser system. Not recommended for face and neck areas. The reason is that it can cause the weak hairs here to get stronger. The Alexandrite system is still considered the gold standard in laser hair removal.

Nd:YAG Laser; It goes deeper than other laser systems. For this reason, we can say that the most pain is felt in the Nd:YAG laser system. It is preferred by people with dark skin. It also renews the skin during application. For this reason, it is preferred in the face area. It is also effective in the treatment of ingrown hairs and varicose veins. It does not stain the skin surface. In addition, Nd:YAG Laser increases the success in epilation since it also affects the vascular structures that feed the hair.

Diode Laser; It is the most useful laser in the face, arms and back area. It is applied to dark skinned people, face area and fine hairs. It can be applied on all skin types. It is more effective on thick hair. He shoots very fast. Based on the way of application, it is called iron-on laser.

What is the Difference Between Alexandrite Laser and Nd:YAG Laser?

While the Alexandrite laser system is more effective on fair skin, the Nd:YAG laser system is more effective in dark-skinned people. Alexandrite laser is more superficial because it cannot go as deep as Nd:YAG laser due to its wavelength. Since Nd:YAG laser also affects the vascular structures that feed the hair, it increases the success in epilation.

Is it a Permanent Application?

In laser epilation, which is mostly a permanent application, it provides 70-90% of hair reduction at the end of 4-6 sessions. The feathers are now finer and lighter in color.

Which parts of the body can be applied?

All body parts except the eye area are suitable for laser epilation. While it is applied to the upper lip, bikini area, armpits and legs in women, it is applied to the back, chest, shoulder and cheek area above the beard in men.

What is the Difference Compared to Alternative Methods?

Laser hair removal is a safe and fast application. It provides permanent results. Methods such as waxing and shaving destroy the parts of the hair on the skin. In laser epilation, hair follicles are destroyed and new hair formation is prevented.

Is Laser Hair Removal Harmful?

Laser hair removal has no proven harm so far. Of course, the laser system suitable for the skin structure of the person must be selected and applied correctly. One of the most curious questions is whether laser epilation can be performed during pregnancy. Although there is no scientific evidence on this subject, we do not prefer laser hair removal during pregnancy.

FDA-approved (American Food and Drug Administration) devices should be preferred for laser hair removal. In the right hands, there are no side effects and harms of the applications performed with quality devices.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men have a harder, darker hair type than women, and the volume of hair follicles is more intense than women. Thus, it can absorb laser beams better. This is a factor that makes it easier to get results in a shorter time. Laser epilation can be applied easily and successfully in men as well.

Things to Consider Before Laser Hair Removal

Hair follicles should not be taken from the root with tweezers, wax and epilator during the four-week period before the application. It is recommended to remove the hair in the application area with a razor and scissors 2-3 before laser epilation. Before the application, you should not sunbathe and enter the solarium.

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