Salmon DNA Youth Vaccine

Salmon DNA Youth Vaccine

Over time, the skin loses its vitality due to environmental reasons and age. Salmon DNA youth vaccine is an application that offers an active solution to this situation. With the salmon DNA vaccine, the moisture required for the skin is provided, and an effective solution method is created against sagging and wrinkles by helping to increase the amount of elastin fibers and collagen. Salmon DNA vaccine is obtained by synthesizing hyluronic acid and DNA from salmon. Before the application, the face is cleaned and made hygienic. Then, the vaccine is applied to the face in small doses with the help of injectors. Salmon DNA youth vaccine provides protein supplement to the skin. In this way, youth is provided in the skin. Negative effects on the skin due to aging, tobacco products, alcohol and ultraviolet rays of the sun are prevented. Salmon DNA youth vaccine, Trabzon Youth Vaccine, Trabzon Youth Serum also provides a natural regeneration on the skin as it is a completely natural supplement.

How Many Sessions of Salmon DNA Youth Vaccine is applied?

Salmon DNA youth vaccine is applied for an average of 4 sessions. Application intervals generally vary between 15 and 20 days. In order to get the most efficient and effective result from the application, it will be healthier for the specialist physician to determine the amount needed by the skin and to determine the number of sessions in this way. In addition, session times vary according to the area to be treated, but it is a relatively easy and comfortable skin care treatment function.

How Long Is the Salmon DNA Youth Vaccine Effective?

The duration of the salmon DNA youth vaccine differs according to the skin structure. However, its positive effects on the skin continue for an average of 9 to 12 months. Re-application and continuation of the treatment in these periods is recommended.

Who Should Not Apply Salmon DNA Youth Vaccine?

Since the application has no known side effects, it can be applied to everyone. However, as a precautionary measure, it is not appropriate to apply it to people with diabetic diseases, people who are at risk of stroke or have had a stroke, people with atherosclerosis, heart patients and pregnant women.

Trabzon Youth Vaccine, Trabzon Youth Serum, Salmon DNA Youth Vaccine Prices

the number of sessions applied, the amount of cure injected and the center. However, it would be more appropriate to talk to the application center and get the prices.

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