Ice Laser

What is Ice Laser?

Ice Laser is the most painless, fastest and newest application of laser hair removal technologies. It is the latest technology in which Alexandrite, Diode, Nd:YAG laser wavelengths are collected in a single head. It can be applied in massage and for short periods while the laser is separated from the energy spent and distributed by scanning.

Lasers, the inventor of SopranoICE™ ironing epilation, are completed in a short time over the years. Ice Laser is a laser hair removal system with technologies for laser hair removal. The Soprano ICE Platinum Laser device used in our clinic is the latest in ice laser technology. Since it is a very fast shooting device, the epilation costs are also very short and durable.

Is Ice Laser Applied?

Thanks to the heating method used using Ice Lasering, the hairs can effectively influence the surrounding impact. The constant movement of the treatment to iron with the application of the treatment seems to like and love this patented Motion™ tool as a hair root.

How Does Ice Laser Hair Removal Work?

ICE™ Technology, which effectively cools the skin for a long time during the use of Ice Laser, comes to the fore. The cold sapphire tip on the head of the Ice Laser device cools and relaxes the skin during application. When the Sapphire tip of the Ice Laser comes into contact with the skin, it cools the skin down to -3°C. With this cooling system, it makes epilation application more comfortable for the patient than ever before and minimizes the risk of side effects. It eliminates the risk of burns and blemishes on the skin.

Will there be pain and ache during the Ice Laser application?

The original Soprano ICE Ice Laser offers an almost painless hair removal experience. The patented contact-cooled sapphire tip cools and refreshes the skin like ice, causing only a slight sensation of warmth.

Which skin type is ice laser suitable for?

It allows safe application in all seasons, on all skin types, including dark skin, and on all hair types, including fine hair. In addition, the Ice Laser has a special tip for hard-to-reach areas such as between the eyebrows, in the ear and inside the nose. This tip, which is used in the face area, allows the treatment of hard-to-reach areas.

Fast and Effective Epilation with Ice Laser Hair Removal

Ice Laser™ has a large application head that shortens session times by half. Today's fastest possible epilation is achieved with the Ice Laser™ with its application head with a scanning area of 2X1 cm and technology that makes 10 shots per second. Approximately 35 minutes can be sufficient for whole body epilation.

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