BTL Exilite Cold Light

What is BTL Exilite Cold Light?

Cold Light technology is a light system that has been specially developed for dermatologists and has been proven by clinical studies to relieve skin disorders more effectively than other applications. Developable light technology is the most innovative system produced today as a combination of cold light, laser and concentrated light technologies.

Spot Treatment with Cold Light

Cold light technology works differently in stain treatment compared to other applications. Chemical peels in the treatment of stains or laser applications in the treatment of stains try to treat the stain from the outside inwards. The stain is peeled off layer by layer and the procedure is done until it reaches the bottom layer and includes a long-term treatment program. Unlike other applications, spot treatment with cold light provides faster and more effective results than all other applications by providing healing both from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside. In Cold Light treatment, a stain-specific filter is used, and selective light sees only the stained part and improves the ratio. Another advantage of spot treatment with cold light is that there is no crusting after the application. Since the skin heals from the inside out, there is no crusting like in other spot treatment procedures. You can continue with your daily life.

Acne Treatment with Owl Light

Acne treatment with antibiotics was the best known treatment method until now, but clinical studies with Cold Light have proven that it is more successful than any other application in acne treatment. The purpose of acne treatment is to destroy the bacteria that cause acne. Creams, topicals, or lotions suppress acne but do not cure it. Acne treatment with antibiotics is a long treatment method with many side effects. Although the efficacy is good, the skin is very worn in the treatment of acne with antibiotics, and spots, dryness and rashes occur. Acne treatment with cold light is done with the aim of destroying the bacteria that cause acne. In the treatment of acne with laser, it is planned to kill the bacteria with the light passing through the filter specially created for the bacteria. It is possible to observe a 25% reduction in acne even in the first session of active acne treatment with cold light. The severity and number of acne affects the number of sessions. However, long-term studies have proven that cold light treatment treats acne rather than suppresses it.

Red Face Treatment with Cold Light (Rosacea Treatment)

The red face condition of rosacea is due to the fact that the capillaries are more visible on the skin surface. Lasers used in the treatment of varicose veins are not effective in the treatment of rosacea, as they are designed to see darker veins very deep. It reduces the vascularity that occurs in topical creams to a certain extent. However, it does not help to relieve the redness on the face. In the treatment of rosacea with Cold Light, the light filter targeting the capillaries on the surface allows the vessels to fade. The faded vein does not recur, so the treatment is permanent for the same vein. Regular application may be required to prevent similar veins to form. Rose disease application with cold light can be done without side effects such as pain and crusting. In the treatment of rosacea with laser, there is a visible decrease in the first session and the redness decreases further with each session.

AntiAging with Cold Light

As it is known, in skin rejuvenation applications, lasers work differently from radiofrequency and ultrasound, revealing the color, radiance and clarity of the skin. You can eliminate the elasticity and wrinkle problems of your skin with other applications, but the cold light eliminates the stained appearance, ensures the disappearance of small rednesses, makes new collagen synthesis to give clarity and glow to the skin.

How Many Sessions of Cold Light Are Required?

In cold light applications, the sessions vary depending on the doctor's control. Not all spots are of the same depth or may not be the same age. Capillaries may differ on the right and left of your face. Since the intensity of acne bacteria also varies from person to person, the number of sessions required in cold light treatments is decided after the doctor's control.

Does Cold Light have any harmful side effects?

In the treatment of Cold Light, no side effects and harms have been observed with clinical studies. According to your skin type, skin color, spots, veins and acne, a personalized application is made with different filters and different values. At the end of the application, you can return to your daily life, have your treatment during the lunch break and continue your work after the break.

When will I see results with Cold Light?

Cold light applications may differ as they are specially planned for the person, but the visible effect is in general in the second session.

Cold Light is a dermatology laser that has proven itself with clinical studies and is certified according to the results it receives with FDA approvals. Only dermatologists use it. Cold Light Therapy is used only in our Clinic in the Black Sea Region.

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