Gold Needle Radiofrequency

Gold Needle Radiofrequency

In gold needle radiofrequency, also known as fractional radiofrequency, treatment is performed by sending energy currents under the skin by using gold needles with very fine tips.

A large amount of needles can provide treatment to the dermis by bypassing the epidermis (upper skin layer), so that the epidermis (upper skin layer) is not damaged, and the energy used is not wasted.

In the gold needle radiofrequency application, the current reaches only the tips of the needles, so the surface area on the skin surface that receives thermal damage is less.

In this application method, the needles in the device are actually made of gold. This is because the conductivity of gold is higher than many other materials. Gold needles with high conductivity can transmit electromagnetic waves of 2mz power to the area intended for treatment between 100 and 800 milliseconds without any loss of energy.

The basic principle of gold needle radiofrequency application is similar to laser application. By energizing a certain point on the skin, thermal damage is created in that area. After this, the body's healing and regeneration function is activated, and the healthy tissues around the damaged area close the damaged area and healing is achieved.

The result is a younger and collagen-rich tissue. One of the biggest advantages of gold needle radiofrequency treatment is that there is no or minimal damage to the skin such as peeling, crusting and redness. In this way, it can be applied regardless of the season and positive results can be obtained. In addition, after the application, the person can continue his daily life without interruption.

What is Gold Needle Radiofrequency Application Used for?

Fractional radiofrequency application is used effectively in the treatment of many skin and other problems today. To list the most important of them:

In the treatment of sagging and tightening of the skin,

In the treatment of acne (pimples),

In the treatment of acne scar (pimple scar),

In the removal of skin wrinkles,

In skin rejuvenation and renewal application,

In the removal of cracks caused by reasons such as birth, weight change,

In the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis),

It is often used to tighten pores.

How Many Sessions of Gold Needle Radiofrequency Should Be Applied?

Fractional radiofrequency application is applied in different number of sessions depending on the type of discomfort. The age and physiological structure of the patient are also among the factors that determine the number of sessions. Accordingly, the effects become visible after the first application. Sessions vary between 30 and 60 minutes. The session intervals and the number of sessions are determined after the examination by the specialist physician.

Gold Needle Radiofrequency Prices

It is not very correct to talk about a mere price for fractional radiofrequency therapy. Because the complaints and disorders of each patient are different, and as a natural consequence of this, the treatment to be applied to each patient differs. However, the price may differ as a result of factors such as the number of sessions, the surface to be treated, the center where the application is made and the physician. The price is determined according to your skin problem and the treatment to be applied to you. It will be beneficial for you to consult a successful specialist in the field to get information about the prices of this application.

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