Magellan Vampire Facelift

What is Magellan Vampire Face Lift?

Magellan Vampire Facelift person using his own blood is the last choice from risky use. It is an anti-aging method. The evolution of Magellan Vampire Facelift is one touch pass as. The effect is tall and high platelets and muscles with growth advantages and new strength. Magellan Vampire Facelift uses his own blood. The platelet count in Magellan Vampire Facelift is 6 – 8 million. Considerable and regenerative in the cytokines realized and the eye in growth.

The Magellan Body Facelift application is aimed at wide-ranging areas of own blood (RRP) applications to be applied. The aim is not to renew the environment. Bone and muscle tissue are also targeted. Magellan Vampire Facelift application is a highly effective skin rejuvenation and lifting method. It revitalizes and improves binding, while also designing muscles and bones. It reduces skin aging. In the past of aesthetic appearance, it also improves in restoring and achieving a natural appearance.

How To Do The Magellan Vampire Facelift?

For the Magellan Vampire Facelif treatment, his own blood is taken as the first human. The collected blood can be analyzed for centrifugation. The area where the treatment will be applied is the sterile area. Local anesthetic creams are used to prepare for the treatment. The dermapen obtained from the condensation process obtained from the blood taken for application is grown to the entire skin school. In this way, a rapid skin regeneration process begins in the layers of the whole skin.

What Are the Effects of Magellan Vampire Facelift?

Magellan Vampire Facelift application helps to give the face a tight and wrinkle-free appearance, improves the quality of the skin and brightens it, lightens the color of the spots, tightens the skin and makes it look tight, all the anti-aging requirements of the skin are given under the skin, and provides skin rejuvenation.

A younger and brighter skin is obtained with the Magellan Vampire Facelift treatment.

How Long is the Magellan Vampire Facelift Procedure Time and Effect?

In the Magellan Vampire Facelift application, the total procedure time for blood collection, skin cleaning, local anesthesia, dermapen and all other extra stages takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes.

After the Magellan Vampire Facelift application, the first effects begin immediately, but the regeneration and repair of the skin continues for approximately 2-3 months. The effect of the application may vary according to the skin of the patient and the care he/she gives. The permanence of the Magellan Vampire Facelift application is between 1-3 years.

Are There Any Side Effects of Magellan Vampire Facelift Face Lift Treatment?

Although there are not many side effects in the Magellan Vampire Facelift facelift procedure, temporary side effects such as edema, itching, bruising, tingling or slight burning can be observed in some cases. These side effects are not long lasting and pass within 4-5 days on average.

Magellan Vampire Facelift Face Lift Prices

Since the Magellan Vampire Facelift facelift application is a patient-specific treatment, the Magellan Vampire Facelift facelift prices vary depending on the application. Since the amount of filler to be used during the application and the application area are determined according to the needs of the patient, it directly affects the prices of the Magellan Vampire Facelift application. In addition, the prices of the application vary according to the provinces. For example, Magellan Vampire Facelift Ankara prices will not be the same as Magellan Vampire Facelift Istanbul prices. In order to get clear information about Magellan Vampire Facelift prices, it is necessary to be examined.

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