Laser Spot Treatment

Laser Spot Treatment

Stains on the skin affect many people negatively in terms of aesthetics. The melanocyte cells in our skin produce a pigment called melanin. It is this pigment that gives our skin its natural color. As a result of various reasons, an increase or decrease in the density and amount of these color pigments in the skin can be observed. This increase or decrease is one of the reasons for the formation of spots on the skin. The most important of these reasons is the sun's rays. Sun rays change the ratio of melanin in the skin in some people and adversely affect the glycan structures in the skin cells. The monosaccharide called glycan has multiple functions in the skin, and its amounts and activities decrease primarily due to the effect of the sun and aging. Today, there are many treatment methods for skin blemishes. However, these methods are only effective in the upper skin layer called the epidermis. Today, laser therapy is used as a very effective solution method for the regeneration and refreshment of the lower layer of the skin. If these methods are applied together, it is easy to achieve positive results with high efficiency and effectiveness as a result of the skin treatment process. Although there are many types of laser treatment, there are more than one type of skin blemishes. Let's address those first.


Although melasma can be seen in every person, it can occur due to many factors. However, it is more common in women who have just given birth compared to other people. However, hormonal reasons are among the main causes of exposure to very high levels of sun rays. Although melasma scars, which occur in the form of black and brown on the skin, are usually seen on the cheeks, forehead, nose and upper part of the lips, they can also occur in other parts of the skin. Sunlight is one of the main causes of darkening of melasma spots. Because melanocyte cells are more active in dark-skinned people, melasma is more likely to occur in these people. Today, many treatment methods are used for melasma. These are peeling, PRB, mesotherapy, skin rejuvenation and laser applications.

One of them is laser applications. Fractional Laser and Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser provide very effective results, especially depending on the condition of your skin. Which of these laser treatment methods should be preferred is determined more healthily after the specialist physician examination. In addition, there is generally no harm in combining laser applications and reinforcing processes. The amount of laser treatment to be used in the treatment of melasma is determined by the physician after the examination according to the density, darkness and skin structure of the spots, both for you and for the health of the procedure and for getting an effective result.


It is a type of skin disorder caused by ultraviolet rays of UVA (Ultraviolet A) and UVB (Ultraviolet B) wavelengths found in sunlight. Sunspots are more likely to occur in fair-skinned people. These spots, which are often confused with freckles, are darker than freckles and have more precise lines. The first reason is that the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin in the sun's rays appear in direct contact with the skin. Ultraviolet rays cause the formation of these spots on the skin by disrupting the balance level of melanin. However, the physiological condition of the person is also a factor in the emergence of sunspots. Sunspots occur only in summer and do not stay on the body in winter, these spots are on the skin in summer and winter. However, in summer, sunspots are more pronounced and darker than in winter. In the treatment of sunspots, laser treatment is one of the methods that offers a definitive solution. In the treatment of sunspots, laser treatment and other treatments can be combined, resulting in more effective and desired results. The type of laser to be used is determined by the specialist depending on the duration of the spots and the sensitivity of your skin. How many sessions of laser treatment should be applied also varies depending on these reasons.

Solar Lentigo

Solar lentigo, also known as age spots, is a type of skin condition that usually occurs in people who have been exposed to too much sun during their youth. It should also be noted that solar lentigo scars are very similar to lentigo malignant melanoma, which is known as one of the similar types of skin cancer. Solar lentigo is a simple skin blemish condition that does not carry cancer risk. For this reason, examination and diagnosis by a specialist physician before laser treatment is very important. Laser applications offer a very effective solution in the treatment of solar lentigo. How many sessions of laser treatment is required is determined after this examination.

Laser Spot Treatment Prices

Laser spot treatment prices vary depending on which type of laser is used. Secondly, the type of illness is one of the main factors affecting the price. The reason for this is that not every laser treatment is applied to every skin blemish condition. The density of the stain on the skin, the skill and experience of the physician performing the procedure, the number of sessions applied and the technological competence of the center where the procedure is performed are among the main factors affecting the price. It should not be forgotten that choosing only according to the price in skin problems will not lead to a very healthy result. The reason for this is that laser procedures are very sensitive applications, and the desired result may not be obtained if it is not applied by specialist physicians and teams. Being very sensitive about this issue and doing the researches not only in terms of cost but also on the basis of quality and expertise will be to the benefit of the patient in order to get the desired result.

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