Nail Fungus Treatment with Laser

Nail Fungus Treatment with Laser

Nail fungus is an infection, and there are many treatments for nail fungus treatment. However, there may be cases such as the recurrence of the fungus with other methods. With today's laser technologies, fungal cells are completely destroyed by laser. The procedure is performed by sending laser beams on the nail. It is a process of about 15-20 minutes. This laser treatment is safe and has no side effects. Heat may be felt at the nail root during application. However, this is not unbearable. There is no need for local anesthesia during the procedure.

What Are Nail Fungus Symptoms?

There are symptoms such as breakage of the nail from the tip, shedding, roughness on the nail, and color and shape changes. These symptoms can be diagnosed immediately when seen with the naked eye. When the infection progresses, it can reach the nail root and become continuous.

How many sessions are applied?

A total of 4 sessions may be sufficient, provided that one session per week. Of course, it should be taken into account that the duration of the session may vary from person to person.

To Whom Can Laser Fungus Treatment Be Applied?

This treatment can be applied to anyone who has nail fungus problem. It is decided by the doctor after the doctor's examination whether there will be an obstacle to the implementation of the treatment.

When Are Results Observed After Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment?

When the growth rate of the nail is slow, it may take a few months for the nail to return to its old form.

Are the Results of Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Permanent?

If necessary precautions are taken after treatment, its effects can be permanent.

What Precautions Should Be Taken After the Application?

Nail and foot care should be taken care of. It is important to choose socks and shoes, to use regular pedicures and special foot care products.

What are the Prices of Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?

For laser nail fungus treatment prices, the number of sessions should be determined first. Pricing will also change depending on the number of sessions to be applied. You can contact us for laser nail fungus treatment.

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