With the application of dermatherapy, it is aimed to remove acne scars, scars and burn scars, large pores, color imbalances in the skin, pigment disorders, skin cracks and fine lines. Cheek, forehead, chin, décolleté and its area are application areas.

It can also be applied in the summer months. However, it would be beneficial to protect it with high-protection sunscreens after the application. It does not harm the barrier property of the skin. You can return to your daily routine immediately after the application.

How is Dermatherapy Done?

It is done by moving the Dermaroller tool over the skin. It creates damage in the upper layer of the skin in a controlled manner. Substances for the skin's needs are transmitted under the skin through the small dots opened on the skin with the small needles on it. In this way, it is aimed to eliminate skin problems in a short time.

How Many Sessions of Micro Needling (Dermatherapy) are Applied?

The number of sessions varies depending on which skin problem it is applied to. 8 sessions may be sufficient for fine line and wrinkle applications, and 3-4 sessions for the treatment of acne scars and skin cracks. Session intervals are determined according to the type and degree of the problem after the doctor's examination. The number of sessions and session intervals may vary from person to person.

Is Dermaroller a Safe Application?

Yes, it is a very safe procedure if there is no harm in applying dermatherapy to the person.

Dermatherapy (Dermaroller) Prices

In the application of dermatherapy, in other words micro needling, there may be changes in pricing according to the type and degree of the problem, the area to be applied, and the number of sessions. First of all, it is the healthiest to be examined. You can contact us for detailed information about Dermaroller and for an appointment.

Classic Skin Care

It is a deep cleaning process that is suitable for the needs of the skin by the expert with the professional products used. This process takes approximately 1.5 hours and the process is completed by massaging the skin with cleansing, peeling, tonic, steam, comedone cleansing, mask, and moisturizer, respectively. Thus, the skin is cleaned, the oil and dirt accumulated in the clogged pores are purified, the elasticity and brightness of the skin are restored. Classical skin care can be done at any time, but it is recommended once a month as the skin renews itself every 28 days.

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